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This is a long document, but it is worth reading: (the Internet Marketing Mentoring And Coaching Center) markets an online internet marketing program to educate its members on how to market online. This mentoring program represents the flagship product that sells to members of the public. Every individual also receives an international affiliate referral business for free once they have purchased a mentoring program. Only actual product user customers who have purchased our mentoring program may refer our products to others in return for affiliate compensation.

Contrary to what some questionable programs will tell you, learning how to market effectively online is not something that happens by osmosis or simply because you enrol in a program. Success requires diligent work & committed study. Success means that you will likely fail and/or get frustrated before you succeed. Success requires that you test and tweak & problem solve your way towards solutions. Success is dependent upon your ability to correctly analyze & interpret marketing data and metrics and then act upon that information accordingly. You cannot learn it all in a day, a week, a month or even 6 months because there is no finish line; learning online marketing is a continuous journey and not a final destination. The good news is that you can sharpen and improve your skills over time if you commit to becoming a perpetual student of internet marketing.

We don’t teach gimmicks, tricks, shortcuts or anything black-hat when it comes to marketing online because that stuff either doesn’t work or it doesn’t last or it can get you into trouble with the search engines.

We may not be an accredited university program that offers you a diploma, but we have created what we believe is an outstanding program (that began in 2007) that will allow you to learn how to market virtually any business effectively online. We hope that the number of years we’ve been online will tell you that we’re pretty good at what we do! However, you must also understand that the act of taking the program does not in any way guarantee that you will experience success or profits online. Statistically, the majority of people who take online courses (including ours) make little or no money at all marketing online.

Why is that & why do we tell you this?

Well, the reasons can and do vary greatly. They can include, but are not limited to a failure to master or correctly implement & execute proven methods of marketing; and/or a failure to offer a product or service that is in demand by a large enough segment of the public, and/or a failure to target the correct demographics; and/or a failure to price products and services at a price point that is acceptable to the public; and/or a failure to properly follow up and follow through with prospective customers or clients; and/or a failure to compete effectively & successfully against competitors with better and/or more attractive offers; and/or a failure to represent one’s self, or one’s company, or one’s web presence professionally; etc.

The reason we share this with you is so that we don’t want to give you any unrealistic expectations relative to what it takes to be successful online. Marketing is hard work, and a big number of people fail even when they have the best coaches in the world! We don’t want anybody accusing us of “selling” anyone into our program with slick sales copy or hype laden promises of success! Besides, that is another reason why we give you 7 full days access into our program to check us out and even take and sample our training where you can get 100% of your money back with no strings attached if you decide for any reason that we are not for you! We hope that you recognize that we are different because we share the info you need to know in order to make an informed decision! Perhaps that is one of the reasons why we’re one of the biggest and oldest privately owned marketing programs online & why the Better Business Bureau has given us an A rating!

Marketing successfully online requires diligence in business, consistency & perseverance in work ethic, and above average marketing skills. There is no magic formula, and the work is not easy. If you are under the impression that simply enrolling in our program will cause you to create success and profits online, then you are mistaken and you should stop and reconsider your decision to join However, if you are committed to work hard then marketing online can be for you.

We will not and we do not make any guarantees with respect to marketing success and/or earning potential.

We believe that we have created a great learning environment for a person to come and learn how to market online, and that is why we offer full unrestricted access to all of our tutorials and training theaters for a full 7 days before you commit to our monthly membership fee.” At any time during those initial 7 days, any person may submit an email request & be granted a full refund for any reason what-so-ever.

The company does not provide average earnings numbers for its students for a variety of reasons.

First of all, we don’t want to be perceived an organization that ‘induces’ people into our program based on what other individuals may have earned. The fact that one or two people might make a fortune marketing online has little or no bearing on any result that you might achieve yourself!

Second, has no effective way to track the success and results of people who apply what they learn from in their own businesses. That’s primarily because we don’t have access to that private information – but it is also because it opens up a Pandora’s Box of legal liability when you begin throwing numbers of earnings around. We just don’t want to expose ourselves to that type of legal liability. Instead, we simply give you a powerful money back guarantee that gives you every penny back after a week of being in our program if you’re not convinced that we are the best online marketing teachers in the world for you!

Third, because all members are invited to participate in the private & voluntary affiliate business for free, and because not every member participates in the affiliate program, and because some members have no interest in promoting the affiliate program because their biggest desire is to learn how to market their primary business on the internet, and because the commission amounts on products are deducted from the product purchase price at the time of sale and then paid directly to the affiliate who made the sale by a 3rd party payment processor or merchant account (for example: Digital River, SWREG, Clickbank, PayPal, etc.) - no affiliate commissions ever go through or its parent company Conasia Global Internet Inc. As a result, there is no tracking of affiliate income.

All affiliates receive their share of the commissions from the point of product sale, and no affiliate monies go through the In other words, if a $100 product allowed affiliates to collect $50, then at the point of sale the buyer would pay the $100 purchase price of the product based on one $50 payment made directly to the company and another $50 payment paid directly to the affiliate for a total of 2 separate transactions for the purchase of 1 product at the time of sale. Any person wishing to share in affiliate commissions needs to understand that they are an independent contractor responsible for keeping track of their own earnings and remitting all taxable income to the appropriate income tax collection agencies in their country of residence.


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To contact the company please see the FAQ section of the web site. Read our Terms Of Use before buying. The company makes no warranties or guarantees with respect to affiliate earnings or performance.

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